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Mission 1

Learn to Put Core Words Together

  • Combine core words to build sentences, beginning with simple phrases
  • Practice word order with visual cues
  • Get real-time feedback to reinforce proper word order and symbol selection
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Mission 2

Describing Events and Experiences

  • Learn to tell about daily events and activities
  • Sequence symbols to describe what’s happening
  • Focus on pronoun-verb phrases
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Mission 3

Express Ideas about Familiar Activities

  • Communicate about activities using picture symbols
  • Create phrases and sentences to explain daily activities
  • Answer questions about school and play activities with picture prompts
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Mission 4

Using Spatial Concepts

  • Tell about the relative position of objects with visuals
  • Identify object locations using picture symbols
  • Answer Where questions with phrases with prepositions
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District bulk price discount is 10% for more than 6 licenses.

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