Speech-Language Pathologist Susan Berkowitz Discusses Developing ELD-AAC

Q: What originally inspired you to create ELD-AAC?

A: After decades working directly with AAC users, I saw the need for an effective, scaffolded solution to advance skills beyond single words. I wanted to create something purpose-built to drive continuity.

Q: How does ELD-AAC differ from other AAC options?

A: The key differentiation is the scaffolded learning activities combined with robust data analytics for measurable growth. It takes a closed loop approach.

Q: What makes the ELD-AAC activities so engaging for students?

A: We utilize principles of gamification including characters, animations, challenges, and rewards. This motivates students to actively practice communication skills.

Q: Why the focus on comprehensive data tracking?

A: Detailed data enables educators to gain insights into each student’s needs, customize supports accordingly, and quantify progress. It ultimately informs instruction.

Q: Could you explain the multi-profile analytics feature?

A: Multiple learner profiles can be managed on shared devices. As students engage with the activities, their individual usage and performance data is tracked separately.

Q: Why is access to individual student data so valuable for educators?

A: It allows pinpointing each learner’s strengths, troubleshooting weaknesses, and customizing supports tailored to their actual needs.

Q: How does ELD-AAC help quantify student progress over time?

A: The robust analytics allow compiling student reports and visualizing gains across activities. This fosters data-driven learning.

Q: In what ways can ELD-AAC data help students and parents?

A: Sharing customized progress reports provides students motivation and gives parents tangible insights into advancement.

Q: What impact do you hope ELD-AAC has on students?

A: Our goal is giving students tools to find their voice. Building communication abilities unlocks worlds of possibility. I want ELD-AAC to help unlock human potential.

Q: What’s been most rewarding about developing ELD-AAC?

A: Seeing firsthand the positive impact it is already having on empowering students and teachers through their success stories. It motivates me to keep innovating.

Q: Where do you see the future of AAC technology headed?

A: The possibilities will continue rapidly expanding. But human connection remains vital. Balancing high-tech tools with human interaction is the ideal.

Q: What’s on the horizon for future ELD-AAC updates?

A: We’re continually improving activities and adding exciting new features based directly on user feedback. The input of the community helps guide innovations.

Q: What advice would you give SLPs getting started with ELD-AAC?

A: Leverage the data insights, customize difficulty to each student’s level, employ positive reinforcements, and integrate activities into functional daily contexts.

Q: How can parents and families best support ELD-AAC use?

A: Maintain open communication with the therapy team, motivate children through praise and rewards, facilitate consistent practice opportunities at home.

Q: What sparked your initial passion for speech-language pathology?

A: I’ve always wanted to help empower others to communicate. Even from a young age I felt drawn to help give people a voice.

Q: How has your approach to AAC evolved over your career?

A: It’s been an incredible learning process as technology and research have progressed. I’m continually refining techniques while centered on the student.

Q: What drives your commitment to innovation?

A: I’m motivated every day seeing how tools like ELD-AAC empower students educationally, socially, and beyond. There’s always more we can do.

Q: How does your experience inform ELD-AAC’s training tools for SLPs?

A: Susan has drawn upon lessons learned over decades. The onboarding resources leverage proven best practices for implementation success.


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